Home Office & Bookcases

The Libris Programme of Home Office and Bookcase furniture offers options for accommodating those prized possessions including ornaments, trophies, and personal items which articulate individual character. It is the perfect home for a collection of books or a full library. Alcoves and awkwardly shaped rooms are difficult spaces to fill with one-size-fits-all furniture pieces. A Libris Bookcase brings your room to life.

In an age of changing social trends and technology – driven developments, Libris offers opportunities for home-based working. It creates the most imaginative home office, study or den, combining functional efficiency with exquisite style. Modules include desks, workstations, filing cabinets, Multimedia storage, bookshelves and provision for all computer equipment and its cabling. Libris is available in a range of styles, colours and finishes to suit every need. We can colour match to your room or preference, and you can collaborate with our specialist designers to create a unique, bespoke piece of furniture.