Something Old – Something New

Our happy client from our previous blog entry Beautiful, Bespoke: Bedroom Edition recently repainted their Stunning Home Library. They kindly shared the photos with us!

Not only are we wildly jealous of this collection of books, we are positively lusting after this beautiful vintage chair.

Vintage chair at home in an Oakline designed Home Library

This is a great example of how a well styled room has space for vintage pieces set alongside our contemporary yet classic designs.

Style your vintage pieces with our contemporary designs

This 1960s Chaise Longue is perfect for lounging and reading. The window is undressed, allowing natural light to spill into the room. We love it!

At Oakline, we pride ourselves on paying attention to our clients, their requirements and the finer details. If you have a room you wish you remodel, contact us for a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!

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