Making the Most of Alcoves

The most underused space in the home is also the main focal point of the home. ‘Off-the-rack’ furniture does not measure up, literally or figuratively, to fit in the alcove spaces either side of the chimney breast. Creating a bespoke, made to measure piece is the best treatment for these spaces.

Either side of the chimney breast, something you look at for most of your leisure and relaxation time, is a space that should display your favorite photographs, ornaments or possessions.

Our clients came to us with their requirements, we discussed the options, offered our suggestions and set our master craftsmen to work to create something you’ll love. forever.

The perfect Living Room storage solution

Here we see a storage space for logs, for that beautifully modern log burner. We have glass shelving with down lighting installed to highlight the beloved family photographs. There’s space for the large entertainment, media storage for the LP collection, and the technology is artfully concealed in the cabinets; consoles, devices and wires out of sight!

Chat with our consultants and we can work together to maximise the potential of your living space.