Heirlooms don’t come in Flat Pack

You won’t find your Heirloom Furniture pieces traipsing around a furniture superstore on a Saturday afternoon. It’s also a bit of a trial for any relationship! You probably had to bribe the kids with the promise of an ice cream cone or the dreaded hot-dog.. The cracks really begin to show by the time you reach the candle department, and that’s even before you select your items, get them home and start to put them together!

In fact, a whole new small business industry has grown out of the sheer frustration of Allen keys and pages of instructions! The big brand stores even suggest you add on the furniture building service.

Why pay extra?

You pay for what you get. Yes, the furniture is inexpensive and there are good starter pieces available, but when just a couple of knocks reveal <horror> the Free Cycle pages you’ll see that people are giving their old flat pack furniture away in their droves. Think of yourself like a fine wine; your taste improves with age, and you’ll soon tire of the big brand styles.

Especially if you are in your Forever Home, the home that will be passed on to the next generation, you’ll want to get it just right. Beautiful, timeless Heirlooms: not available as Flat Pack!

Why Oakline?

We are the fourth generation of the family to work in the business, so we know what it is to build pieces that last for decades. Timeless classic, even at 40 years old or more, still look fantastic. We can colour-match all of our pieces to your decor, and if those tastes change over the years, cabinets and doors can all be retouched. Our gorgeous furniture pieces – bookcases, kitchens, entertainment units and more – are all made in Ireland by expert craftspeople.

Don’t spend your weekend in a Warehouse, come to Number 10 Ranelagh to our comfortable office, and we can help you choose your new furniture. And the best part – you’ll never see so much as a screw driver!

Kitchen by Oakline of Ranelagh