Dream Kitchen

If you could carry out a Dream makeover on any room in your house, which one would it be? We’re guessing it’s your Kitchen..?

The Kitchen is the Heart of the Home. It’s where all the best conversations take place, around the table, or while meals are being prepared. Nostalgia plays a big part in this, of course. In our large family, three generations of adults would sit around the kitchen table in our Grandmother’s house, hands behind their head and catching up over endless cups of tea. And so to this day, when friends and family are visiting gatherings rarely make it out of the kitchen.

Indeed nostalgia was behind one of the of the biggest Irish Publishing success stories of the last decade wasn’t a novel, or a biography but rather Deirdre Madden‘s All About Economics.

Demand was created by former Secondary School students who used the book in classes from 1983 onward and remembered the practical lessons within. Deirdre Madden’s daughters Kate and Aisli republished the book in memory of their late mother, graciously using part of the royalties to support the Irish Cancer Society.

Cooking and eating at home has always been an Irish tradition: who doesn’t have a brown bread recipe? Along with the massive popularity of light entertainment shows such as The Great British Bakeoff and Ireland’s Masterchef, it appears people have fallen back in love with cooking and baking. But perhaps fallen out of love with their kitchen.

What makes a Dream Kitchen. If cookery shows have taught us anything, it is that you can actually bake with very little equipment. However that equipment can be awkward and bulky even before you start to include Mixing stands, bread makers and other magical devices. What you need is better storage. Long pull out drawers for trays and rolls of grease proof paper. Deep shelves with height for Mixers and all their attachments. Perhaps a pull out larder for perfectly organised glass jars of flour, yeast and other delicious ingredients.

Dream Kitchen

This client had that wish list for their new kitchen extension, filled with natural light. The kitchen island is perfect for bread making, with the marple counter matched to the splash back against the wall. All appliances are integrated, and the look is contemporary white finish with the traditional feel of that lovely dark natural wood floor. It was one of our favorite designs of the last year.

The starting point is your wish list. Look around your kitchen today and think about what you would change. If you’re all about baking and this is your Dream Kitchen after all, don’t forget the proving drawer. Then contact Cathal and Gearóid to discuss your requirements. We promise it will be one of the best decisions of your life!

Happy Baking!

Marble Counter and Splashback